The General problems of Blade & Soul

by wildstarpowerleveling

That’s it. Otherwise it’s a nice game and I hope that those issues will be fixed soon. With this post I want to make the developers and maintainers of Blade & Soul gold aware of the many many problems this game (EU-version) has.

1.) The servercrashes / downtime
I don’t want to be to harsh since DDOS and bugs are a thing but this game went online and has an advanced payshop system. So we can expect that the money should be used (at least part of it) to maintain the server. The other thing is that people who bought premium are not getting what they paid for. They bought the bonuses with REAL MONEY and bought them for a period of time. Since in this time those bonuses weren’t available would the minimum be that the players get the downtime on top of thier bought premium time which is not the case.

2.) Marketplace
I don’t know if this bug is only on my and a friends side. But since it’s 2/2 (100%) of those I asked and also saw in chat people asking for that same issue I will assume that it’s a greater problem. Some times you are just not able to search something. No matter what you search. Still fetching the whole market item list is no problem which means that the filter settings are server sided and bug there. (Disclaimer: I’m not 100% sure on this) The only benefit of making the filter server sided is to save bandwith but why not “just” making it client sided.

3.) Bots / Chat
I’ll start right off. I know that the blocked list is server sided since i have the same blocklist on my stationary and on my laptop. Still why is that? Just make it client sided AND unlimited.

Now: bots. This is bullshit. There are so many bots atm in the chat. You can not chat normally. Mostly this GGATM. Now I don’t just want to complain I have some blade and soul gold solutions:
1.) Make chatting from level 5
2.) Make a captcha / “Are you a bot tests” before you can write for the first time.
3.) Select some GMs and put them in the chat as well with ban permissions.
4.) I obviously don’t have the network traffic logs but try to block those requests from the same destination as soon as the location is marked as a bot hoster.