Blade & Soul Guide: Online Comprehensive Black Skyscraper Raid

by wildstarpowerleveling

Here we offer some tips and tricks which will hopefully help you fast bns power leveing level up in the game.

Black Skyscraper is the first real 24-man raid in Blade & Soul Online. It is also the toughest instance ever released in the game, with extremely complicated boss mechanics. The dungeon consists of 4 stages, and the progress of the raid is automatically saved for 1 week (reset every Friday morning).

Unlike the easy mode, Twilight of Black Isle or Night of Wind Plain, this dungeon is extremely difficult to clear with random party, at least for now. It requires a good party leader and cooperative party members to handle the boss mechanics. However, if you are lucky or know some friends in big guilds, you might stand a chance to clear the first few stages. The rewards for clearing include new weapon (S2.8 or Flare Demon Weapon), new offensive elemental accessories, and various valuable crafting materials for these new gears.

The party members can be divided into 4 distinct roles/groups: Tanker, Buff Transporter, Disabler, DPS (others). I will explain each role separately. If you are not the commander of the team, you need not know all the roles. Just read the roles you are interested in should be sufficient for you to join other established parties (typically Disabler and DPS). However, all should know about the stage mechanics: Poison egg & buff.

Poison Eggs and Buffs
Once the battle starts, 2 poison eggs will be spawned at the edge of the area. The big one is at 1 o’clock, while the small one is at 7 o’clock.

Small Egg
1. Reserved for Tanker only
2. Increase your attack by 200%
3. Grant a poison resist buff for 30sec and heal HP.

Big Egg
1. Reserved for Buff Transporter(s)
2. After the Transporter attacks the egg, a poison pool will be generated around the Transporter after 5 sec, with 6m AOE, granting whoever inside a poison resist buff and HP heal.

Big Egg Buff: Red & Blue
When the poison pool from the big egg is formed, all party members inside of the AOE will be randomly given one of the 2 types of buff: Red and Blue buff (check your buff icon).

Red Buff
First 15 sec: Red buff, increase your attack by 100% if you stand in Red Pool.
Next 15 sec: Turn into Blue buff, but the poison pool will turn into blue at the same time.
This means that if you get red buff, your buff color will always match the color of the poison pool. Therefore you only need to stay inside the pool and deal damage to the boss.

Blue Buff
First 15 sec: Blue buff, decrease your attack by 50% if you stand in Red Pool
Next 15 sec: No buff
This means that if you get the blue buff, you will need to step outside of the red pool. Furthermore, after 15 sec, there won’t be any buff on you, and you will be poisoned until the new round of buff is transported. However, you can step into the poison pool (since you don’t have any blue buff now) and wait for the next round of buff transport.

Consume antidote if necessary, but the antidote merely resets the poison stacking and does not grant you immunity to poison.

The key points are:
If you have the same color of buff as the poison pool, stand inside the pool. If you have a different color of buff or no buff at all, step outside of the pool. Gather without the group again for the next round of blade and soul gold.