Free and Reliable FIFA 16 Coins

by wildstarpowerleveling

FIFA 16 squad competition week 4 has begun! Who are the top 3 winners in this week? Free FIFA Points account and fifa 16 coins PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, PC, Android and IOS you can get weekly at! And 3 weeks in a row to participate our squad competition, there will be an extra 50K coins giveaway! Event Details.

Squad Theme of Week 4: build your own squad and leave a comment below.
Competition Time: Dec 7th to Dec 11, Friday

Rules and Prize
1. Must login your account.
2. Top 3 squads with the highest likes and traffics. (How to get traffics? Share the squad to your friends via facebook, twitter, google+, etc.)
3. Top 3 squads win free 4600 PS4/XBOX ONE Points account or equivalent fifa coins for any platform.

The winners of last three weeks:
Week 1: Sourav Koley, Joppethefeeder, Echo
Week 2: Marvin Wilm, Joppethefeeder, Yaqobi
Week 3: Marvin Wilm, Thomas, Sourav Koley

Well, who are the top 3 winners squad competition week 4? is you? Hurry up join our activity now! Free fifa 16 points and fifa coins giveaway weekly!

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