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Blade & Soul News: Rising Waters Arrives February 10

You’ve mastered your blade & soul gold skills, fought through terrifying encounters, and conquered Poharan herself. There’s no rest for a warrior on the pathway of vengeance, and your adventure continues in just two weeks, with the release of Rising Waters, an update including three challenging new pieces of max-level PvE content, and new ways to increase your martial prowess.

Bloodshade/Nightshade Harbor
Available as a 6- or 4-player Heroic (purple) dungeon, Bloodshade Harbor (and its 24-player version, Nightshade Harbor) offers max-level players new challenges against the Blackram pirates, and Poharan’s boss, Admiral Hae Mujin himself.

Mushin’s Tower – Floors 1–7
Ascend each level of Mushin’s Tower—a single player Heroic dungeon—for increasingly greater challenges, and even greater rewards. Additional floors and content will be added to Mushin’s Tower in future updates.

Hongmoon Level 5
Hongmoon Levels allow you to continue to gain experience beyond level 45, and unlock additional skill points to increase your character’s strength in combat. This update will unlock five Hongmoon Levels to be gained after completion of a new quest of blade and soul gold.

PvP Preseason
The update will also mark the start of the PvP preseason, with a new in-game UI to see how your skills stack up. You’ll also be able to earn and spend Zen Beans—the Blade & Soul PvP currency—from competing against others. As we move from the preseason to Season 1 in a future update, we’ll have more information on the high-level rewards you’ll be able to earn from dominating your opponents.



The General problems of Blade & Soul

That’s it. Otherwise it’s a nice game and I hope that those issues will be fixed soon. With this post I want to make the developers and maintainers of Blade & Soul gold aware of the many many problems this game (EU-version) has.

1.) The servercrashes / downtime
I don’t want to be to harsh since DDOS and bugs are a thing but this game went online and has an advanced payshop system. So we can expect that the money should be used (at least part of it) to maintain the server. The other thing is that people who bought premium are not getting what they paid for. They bought the bonuses with REAL MONEY and bought them for a period of time. Since in this time those bonuses weren’t available would the minimum be that the players get the downtime on top of thier bought premium time which is not the case.

2.) Marketplace
I don’t know if this bug is only on my and a friends side. But since it’s 2/2 (100%) of those I asked and also saw in chat people asking for that same issue I will assume that it’s a greater problem. Some times you are just not able to search something. No matter what you search. Still fetching the whole market item list is no problem which means that the filter settings are server sided and bug there. (Disclaimer: I’m not 100% sure on this) The only benefit of making the filter server sided is to save bandwith but why not “just” making it client sided.

3.) Bots / Chat
I’ll start right off. I know that the blocked list is server sided since i have the same blocklist on my stationary and on my laptop. Still why is that? Just make it client sided AND unlimited.

Now: bots. This is bullshit. There are so many bots atm in the chat. You can not chat normally. Mostly this GGATM. Now I don’t just want to complain I have some blade and soul gold solutions:
1.) Make chatting from level 5
2.) Make a captcha / “Are you a bot tests” before you can write for the first time.
3.) Select some GMs and put them in the chat as well with ban permissions.
4.) I obviously don’t have the network traffic logs but try to block those requests from the same destination as soon as the location is marked as a bot hoster.

The NBA 2K16 Biggest barrier is control scheme

You still customize your own player, all the way from his weight and height to the crook of his nose. But any prospect you craft steps into the shoes of NBA hopeful and Harlem native “Freq,” short for “Frequency Vibrations.” Yes, that’s his real name.

In short – and for a 1080p resolution – a single GTX680 is more than enough for this game. Those wishing to play NBA 2K16 MT Coins at 4K resolutions, however, will obviously need a better graphics card. A Titan or a 780Ti would be ideal for such scenarios.

The big reason to show up this year, though, is that NBA 2K’s gameplay has been completely upgraded in nearly every way, resulting in a more true-to-life simulation experience. In previous years, I always found it easy to score by cheezing my way past AI defenders, running in circles and forcing them to make unrealistic mistakes. All of that is gone this year. Zig-zagging will result in steals and frustration, and attempts to drive the baseline will end up in terrible or blocked shots. The only reliable way to score is to use real basketball concepts, so if you’re a student of the sport you’ll find yourself being rewarded for your knowledge.

You have to improvise, because opposing AI coaches will start to learn your tendencies and try new ways to stop you. For example, defenders had been going underneath screens, allowing me to step back and take open jumpers; after a few successful attempts they started going around screens, forcing me to drive the lane instead. This constant game of cat and mouse kept me on my toes, searching for new ways to make plays. NBA2K16Store’s only been out for a few days, and it’s possible that extended time with my newest virtual star will wash the bad taste of Livin’ Da Dream out of my mouth.

There’s a surprisingly large number of markets to choose from (I took the Milwaukee Bucks to Montreal), so you can bring basketball back to Seattle, put a franchise in Las Vegas, or even move to Alaska if you want. Of course, it wouldn’t be NBA 2K if they didn’t change some of the core controls. Again. The biggest barrier to newcomers remains its intensely complex and confusing control scheme, and NBA 2K16 has only exacerbated that issue.

Blade And Soul – PvP and PvE Rewards and Ideas

Let me know what you think about some of these ideas and if you have an idea just comment! Make sure to tell others it so looks at in and considers all of out ideas! Here BladeSoulGold offer some tips and tricks which will hopefully help you fast level up in the game.

So I really hope that they put in awesome PvP rewards to make PvP worth playing more often. They should put at least 3 reward costumes and weapon skins to choose from once you reach Silver, Blade & Soul Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. They all should increase in quality so people like us can look cool and show off our PvP skills.

Also I understand that they are going to eventually put in 6v6 for NA but I really want them to put in larger battlegrounds like 10v10 too, and also give an option to queue into rated battlegrounds, which also should give rewards based on rating. Last but not least I really enjoy the fact they you can join a arena lobby with a chat but I really wish you could look at skills or the wardrobe while your in it.

I don’t have a ton if Ideas about PvE but I really hope that they add enough content to keep people busy and able to continue to enjoy the game. By content I mean more dungeons being released more often.

Blade and Soul Gold has a big advantage over other MMO’s because when they release in NA they have 4 years of experience, dungeons, and many more ideas. Because of this they are capable of giving out new content more often. Also, I really want to see more rewards for dungeon achievements. Any Ideas on what those should be let’s hear it! Oh and we need Hongmoon Levels on release or close to it! Please!

Blade & Soul Guide: Online Comprehensive Black Skyscraper Raid

Here we offer some tips and tricks which will hopefully help you fast bns power leveing level up in the game.

Black Skyscraper is the first real 24-man raid in Blade & Soul Online. It is also the toughest instance ever released in the game, with extremely complicated boss mechanics. The dungeon consists of 4 stages, and the progress of the raid is automatically saved for 1 week (reset every Friday morning).

Unlike the easy mode, Twilight of Black Isle or Night of Wind Plain, this dungeon is extremely difficult to clear with random party, at least for now. It requires a good party leader and cooperative party members to handle the boss mechanics. However, if you are lucky or know some friends in big guilds, you might stand a chance to clear the first few stages. The rewards for clearing include new weapon (S2.8 or Flare Demon Weapon), new offensive elemental accessories, and various valuable crafting materials for these new gears.

The party members can be divided into 4 distinct roles/groups: Tanker, Buff Transporter, Disabler, DPS (others). I will explain each role separately. If you are not the commander of the team, you need not know all the roles. Just read the roles you are interested in should be sufficient for you to join other established parties (typically Disabler and DPS). However, all should know about the stage mechanics: Poison egg & buff.

Poison Eggs and Buffs
Once the battle starts, 2 poison eggs will be spawned at the edge of the area. The big one is at 1 o’clock, while the small one is at 7 o’clock.

Small Egg
1. Reserved for Tanker only
2. Increase your attack by 200%
3. Grant a poison resist buff for 30sec and heal HP.

Big Egg
1. Reserved for Buff Transporter(s)
2. After the Transporter attacks the egg, a poison pool will be generated around the Transporter after 5 sec, with 6m AOE, granting whoever inside a poison resist buff and HP heal.

Big Egg Buff: Red & Blue
When the poison pool from the big egg is formed, all party members inside of the AOE will be randomly given one of the 2 types of buff: Red and Blue buff (check your buff icon).

Red Buff
First 15 sec: Red buff, increase your attack by 100% if you stand in Red Pool.
Next 15 sec: Turn into Blue buff, but the poison pool will turn into blue at the same time.
This means that if you get red buff, your buff color will always match the color of the poison pool. Therefore you only need to stay inside the pool and deal damage to the boss.

Blue Buff
First 15 sec: Blue buff, decrease your attack by 50% if you stand in Red Pool
Next 15 sec: No buff
This means that if you get the blue buff, you will need to step outside of the red pool. Furthermore, after 15 sec, there won’t be any buff on you, and you will be poisoned until the new round of buff is transported. However, you can step into the poison pool (since you don’t have any blue buff now) and wait for the next round of buff transport.

Consume antidote if necessary, but the antidote merely resets the poison stacking and does not grant you immunity to poison.

The key points are:
If you have the same color of buff as the poison pool, stand inside the pool. If you have a different color of buff or no buff at all, step outside of the pool. Gather without the group again for the next round of blade and soul gold.

FIFA 16 App Release Date for iOS and Android

Now the company has given the EA Sports FIFA app release date for iOS and Android, and it’s coming in September. If you’re a fan of mobile gaming and particularly football you might be interested in this next item of news.

The official EA Sports website reveals that the new FIFA soccer game will be available from the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and also Google Play for Android devices on September 22, although some readers will know that the game has already soft-launched on the iOS platform. The company is making a lot of the new app offering a console-like experience, and early opinion on the game is extremely promising with graphics, performance, and animation receiving a lot of FIFA 16 Points praise.

EA Sports FIFA has been optimized for small-screen use and can be played in single-player campaign mode. Users also have the ability to customize teams and build up a dream team with transfers and trades, and then take part in live tournament events with other teams. Controls are simple to work with player navigation on the left of the display and actions initiated with buttons to the right.

Actions include being able to decide your celebration technique when scoring a goal and performing sliding tackles. The next-generation FIFA soccer-simulation app is an evolution of Ultimate Team on mobile and will be free with in-app purchases available.

EA has pledged that further content will be regularly added through updates, although the thing that many players will be hoping for are improved servers. Are you looking forward to getting to grips with EA Sports FIFA 16 Coins Android or iOS? Send your comments to let us know.

The Overview in PvP and PvE About Blade&Soul Blade Dancer

As we all know that Blade and Soul will launch on January 19,2016. Blade&Soul contains seven playable classes, such as Assassin, Blade Master, Destroyer, Force Master, Kung-Fu Summoner and Blade Dancer. What class will you main when BNS Gold Launches? Today, we would like to introduce the class of Blade Dancer.

The Blade Dancer is a true hybrid, taking the Blade Master’s damage and stances, and combining it with the Force Master’s elemental focus and stacking buffs. It’s a class exclusive to the Lyn race, and therefore takes advantage of their small stature to eke out powerful damaging abilities, and emphasizing maneuverability to avoid damage—since the class lacks the solid defensiveness of the Blade Master, or the crowd control of the Force Master.

Wind and Lightning are the two primary elemental damage types for the Blade Dancer, and each element associates with a particular stance. Draw Stance uses Lightning-related abilities, but relies upon a short-lived buff called “Electric Surge” that generates Electric Focus, which increases critical rating and allows use of specific skills. Basic Stance has skills that build Wind Focus, which, when consumed, add extra damage to certain skills, and boost the attack speed of others.

Like the Force Master, a Blade Dancer also has access to Phantom Grip, but they also have many more options available to make their helpless victim rue their existence, as many of these skills can be cast once, but apply their damage multiple times in sequence.

The Blade Dancer in Play
The Blade Dancer focuses on dealing two types of damage: Lightning and Wind. Not all skills will have an associated elemental damage, but those that do will have their damage increased with the selection of the right items. This is vital for the Blade Dancer, because unlike the versatility of their Force Master sibling, a Blade Dancer has to choose to focus on either Lightning or Wind abilities as part of their build.

For party play, the Blade Dancer is a solid high damage-dealer, and very proficient at taking down single enemies quickly. Their maneuverability and speed is also beneficial when it comes to fast reaction times, making them especially valuable for time-sensitive challenges.

Their core defensive skill costs Focus with each use, as do many of their attack abilities. Choosing to spend Focus on damage versus defense is a dilemma every Blade Dancer faces, but those who can master this balance can dominate in the Arena. In Arena PvP, the high damage that the blade & soul gold Blade Dancer can dish out is tempered by their low health—if you can reach them. However, their maneuverability comes at a price, and that is Focus management.